Yo ✌, i am Heithem!

PHP, GO, JS specialist, JamStack/GraphQL enthusiast, and more.

I use Docker everywhere ..


I am Heithem Moumni. This is how I usually look like:

about me

I'm a passionate software developer focused on Front end and Back end development. I trying my first lines of code at 16. I believe in software development as a creative and social-driven profession, once every software is a tool focused on a community and its context. I believe in hard work, study, creativity and method as ingredients to make the best possible product.

As a learner and experimenter, I'm always trying to improve my knowledge and teaching myself how to be a better developer.


I work with Javascript (typescript too), css/scss , PHP, Python, Node and some of its frameworks , like Symfony, Django, ExpressJs, NestJs. Bur I am also familiar with many other languages.

You can check my .dotfiles to get the exact the same setup as i have.

Buy me Coffee

Why I love coffee:

  • It energizes me
  • It feels like the appropriate start to my day
  • I probably need another cup of coffee because I forgot about the cup of coffee right in front of me, I have some bugs to fix
  • If you like my projects, you can buy me a coffee :)